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THE ULTIMATE MEETING ROOM VISUAL SOLUTION – BIGGER THAN THE BIGGEST Leyard ultra slim interactive LED display brings an immersive visual experience into the meeting rooms. The meeting room LED display overcomes the size limitation of LCD display, and delivers a crisp visual performance under the sunlight that projector can never achieve. All those are fitting into an ultra slim body as a space-efficient LED screen for conference room.
Conference all-in-one | LED conference all-in-one iAT series
Conference all-in-one | LED conference all-in-one iAT series

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How To Choose A High-quality Conference Machine?

You can choose the conference all-in-one machine from five aspects, specifically: host configuration, touch technology, LCD screen quality, functional applications, well-known brands. Leyard conference AIO touch LED screen is specially designed as a LED screen for conference room, take a look and you’ll find it a perfect choice!

What are the main functions of the conference machine?

The main functions are: touch writing, remote conference, multi-person interaction, one-key screenshot, dual system operation, scan code sharing.

What is a Conference Machine?

The conference all-in-one machine is a new type of conference equipment product developed specifically for corporate conference rooms. The meeting room LED display is specifically designed for modern teleconference.

What are the main applications of the conference machine?

Main applications include Bank hall, Enterprise meeting room, Mall building, Medical remote, Education industry.

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