Commercial LED Screen

Commercial LED screen is a new type of foldable LED display or transparent LED dot display. “Conformal” means that the LED dot matrix display and building exterior share a shape without changing the appearance and structure of the building. The bendable LED screen has the characteristics of being bendable, foldable, flexible, transparent, lightweight, waterproof, easy to install and maintain, extremely artistic and creative, and can be freely combined into various shapes.
Eco Dot / Eco LM / Eco SM
Commercial LED screen | Cost-effective outdoor large pitch flexible transparent led display products

TVS Series

Smart / Smart Pro
Commercial LED screen | Outdoor large pitch flexible DMX512 transparent led display products
GF1.2 / GF1.5 / GF1.8 / GF2.5
Commercial LED screen | Overall waterproof outdoor large pitch flexible transparent led display

Commercial LED Screen Can Be Applied In:

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What is the principle of transmission of LED conformal screen?

As a flexible LED screen manufacturer, our LED Conformal Screen Breakpoint Transmission Principle: Since the LED dot screen signal adopts a double signal line cross-transmission scheme, after the signal can be interrupted at one point, another spare signal line can bypass the fault point and transmit the signal to the next One pixel ensures the overall lighting effect of the dot LED matrix module.

In which areas are led conformal screens used?

Our LED dot matrix display is mainly used in real estate projects, commercial centers, glass curtain walls, hotels, high-rise building facades, etc. Most flex LED display are eco-friendly for outdoor use.

What are the components of the led conformal screen?

LED conformal dot matrix display board composed of LED point light source, PC card strip, aluminum buckle, steel wire and other components. Most of the flexible led display screen is packed with a high density LED matrix suitable for outdoor application.

What shape does the LED conformal screen have?

The main shapes of our dot matrix display board are round, spherical, diamond, fan, gem, cylindrical, arc, cube, etc. As a specialized curved LED screen supplier, you can find the large LED dot matrix display with foldable features. The foldable LED screen price is very competitive.

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