CV - 18 Series Display

CV – 18 Indoor Series: CV-18 series adopts a high-strength and light-weight aluminum alloy die-casting structure with ultra-high structural accuracy, which can meet the needs of indoor fine pitch display. The cabinet structure of CV-18 can be front or rear maintenance, so that the product can be suitable for different use environments.

CV – 18 Outdoor Series. CV-18 series adopts Integrated and die-casting cabinet, solid and reliable. The cabinet is equipped with fast assembly connection which can make screen disassembled fastly. Meanwhile, it is designed with automatic alignment mechanism which can realize fast installation by single person.

Pixel Pitch: 

CV1.5-18 / CV1.8-18 / CV2-18 / CV2.5-18 / CV3-18 / CV3(L)-18 / CV4-18

Features of Flex LED Display

Ultra Light Weight Tile

Ultra light cabinet -- less than 30Kg/㎡. When compared with traditional outdoor cabinet, NCV is about 20%-30% lighter, convenient for shipping and installation.

IP65 Protection

Both front side and backside of the cabinet reach IP65 Protection level. Cabinets Can be installed and exposed to the open air, without extra enclosure.

High Brightness

Brightness can fully meet the needs of outdoor display, standard 6000 nits and high brightness 8000 nits optional.

Wide Viewing Angle

Small pixel pitch, high refresh rate, distinct video play

3840Hz High Refresh Rate

Thanks to the very high refresh rate, the image is very stable under the cameras of mobile phones. Barcode is readable by mobile phones to enable a more efficient interactive advertisement.

Front/Rear To Installation/Maintenance

NCV cabinet is front and rear accessible, for easier maintenance. NCV cabinet is designed in a smart way that the mechanical structure supports both the front and rear installation. All electronic components could be disassembled from the front.

Support 90 Degree Installation

The power cable entry method supports the upper entry and side entry, flexible and fast integration

Excellent Heat Dissipation Design

Power supply and receiving a card with high heat generation are far away from the LED lamp board to ensure that the generated heat does not affect the lamp board

LED Screen Gallery

NCV Series Specifications

Part Number EcoDot Eco LM Eco SM
Eco-1 Eco-2 Eco-4 Eco LM-1 Eco LM-2 Eco LM-4 Eco SM-1 Eco SM-2 Eco SM-4
LED Type SMD3535 1LED SMD2727 2LEDs SMD2727 4LEDs SMD3535 1LED SMD2727 2LEDs SMD2727 4LEDs SMD3535 1LED SMD2727 2LEDs SMD2727 4LEDs
Brightness 2.5CD/dot 5CD/dot 10CD/dot 3.7CD/dot 7.5CD/dot 15CD/dot 2.5CD/dot 5CD/dot 10CD/dot
The rated voltage DC7.5V DC9V DC15V DC7.5V DC9V DC15V DC7.5V DC9V DC15V
DOT.Power Consumption 0.45W/dot 0.6W/dot 0.9W/dot 0.45W/dot 0.6W/dot 0.9W/dot 0.45W/dot 0.6W/dot 0.9W/dot
DOT Size 18X18X10.5mm 18X18X10.5mm 18X18X10.5mm 18X18X15.4mm 18X18X15.4mm 18X18X15.4mm 18X18X17.9mm 18X18X17.9mm 18X18X17.9mm
DOT Weight <4.6g /Pixel <4.6g /Pixel <4.6g /Pixel <5g /Pixel <5g /Pixel <5g /Pixel <5g /Pixel <5g /Pixel <5g /Pixel

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