Eco Series Flex LED Display

Leyard Vteam conformal LED display is one of the flexible transparent LED display panels. LED dot screens can be waterproof, curved, folded, rolled, and hung with high brightness and waterproof features. This kind of flex LED display can be freely combined into any other shapes with artistic, ornamental, and creative. It’s widely applicable for building facades, indoor commercials, import holiday events, and night scene areas. Dot matrix display module for different industry applications.


Pixel Pitch


Features of Flex LED Display

High Transparency-Over 85%

Hollow-carved design to ensure natural lighting of buildings, farewell to "dark display” time.

Complete Waterproof for Outdoor Application

First-class package waterproof technology, IP66 high protection level, high permeability, Easily respond to bad weather in rain and fog, and strong wind resistance

High Definition

Small pixel pitch, high refresh rate, distinct video play

Patented Continuing Transferring From Breakpoint

It’s no effect even dots broke, low maintenance cost.

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Eco Series Specifications

Part Number EcoDot Eco LM Eco SM
Eco-1 Eco-2 Eco-4 Eco LM-1 Eco LM-2 Eco LM-4 Eco SM-1 Eco SM-2 Eco SM-4
LED Type SMD3535 1LED SMD2727 2LEDs SMD2727 4LEDs SMD3535 1LED SMD2727 2LEDs SMD2727 4LEDs SMD3535 1LED SMD2727 2LEDs SMD2727 4LEDs
Brightness 2.5CD/dot 5CD/dot 10CD/dot 3.7CD/dot 7.5CD/dot 15CD/dot 2.5CD/dot 5CD/dot 10CD/dot
The rated voltage DC7.5V DC9V DC15V DC7.5V DC9V DC15V DC7.5V DC9V DC15V
DOT.Power Consumption 0.45W/dot 0.6W/dot 0.9W/dot 0.45W/dot 0.6W/dot 0.9W/dot 0.45W/dot 0.6W/dot 0.9W/dot
DOT Size 18X18X10.5mm 18X18X10.5mm 18X18X10.5mm 18X18X15.4mm 18X18X15.4mm 18X18X15.4mm 18X18X17.9mm 18X18X17.9mm 18X18X17.9mm
DOT Weight <4.6g /Pixel <4.6g /Pixel <4.6g /Pixel <5g /Pixel <5g /Pixel <5g /Pixel <5g /Pixel <5g /Pixel <5g /Pixel

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