Customized LED Screen

LEYARD custom size and shape LED screen are widely used in many major projects such as National Day, opening and closing ceremonies, creating an unparalleled visual experience and withstanding rigorous tests. Our custom LED display panels are an excellent choice for creative display applications.


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Creative customized LED products


Mirror LED Screen
Creative customized LED products

Customized LED Screen Can Be Applied In:

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What is a creative led display?

Creative LED display refers to an LED display with a special appearance, which breaks the simple square shape of traditional LED screens and can be spliced into various irregular shapes to display highly creative content. Custom shape LED screens such as folding LED screen and flexible led mesh.

What are the types of creative LED displays?

3D smart LED display, cube LED display, glass curtain wall LED display, dance floor and floor tile LED display, Lattice LED display, flexible LED screen, spherical display?

What are the application scenarios of led creative display?

Leyard custom smart led screens are widely used in shopping mall billboards, bus stops, hotels, stage backgrounds, etc.

What to pay attention to when choosing a custom screen?

If you are going to get creative LED solutions, mainly pay attention to the following aspects: 1. Modeling 2. Visual effects 3. User experience of custom LED display

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