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The new-generation outdoor fixed installation cabinet adopts the latest design concept and realizes highly integrated outdoor performance on the ultra-light and ultra-thin cabinet structure,including front and rear maintenance, high brightness, wide viewing angle and IP65 protection.


All-in-one led screen is an intelligent, modular LED screen without cabinet and the PCB with led, receiving card, drive, power compact integration


P5 / P6.67 / P8 / P10
Traditional LED cabinet | A new generation of full-color outdoor fixed installation cabinet


P1.602 / P1.953 / P2.604 / P3.906
Traditional LED cabinet | High-end indoor full-color LED conventional display products


VMF Interactive Floor Tiles Series

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What are the differences between LED display and traditional LCD?

The main differences of easy LED screen are: (1) Area scalability, cob LED display screen can be extended arbitrarily, LCD can not. (2) The interactive technology of the easy LED display screen (3) The picture display effect, the high brightness of the easy LED screen, the wider viewing angle and the good color reproduction ability are also better than the LCD screen. With leyard, the LED display manufacturer, you can find the best LED video wall.

What's wrong with garbled characters on the led display?

The main reasons for the garbled codes on the active LED display include: 1. Software or control card problems, 2. Cable problems, 3. Water leakage and water ingress problems, 4. Data transmission problems.

What are the main components of the LED display?

The components for fixed LED display include unit board, switching power supply, control card, data line, power line.

What are the reasons why the LED display does not light up?

The reasons for the failure of no light include: (1) check the DVI cable connector; (2) reset the copy mode; (3) choose to turn on the large screen power (4) Reinsert the sending card or replace the sending card; (5) Reinstall the graphics card driver;

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