LEMESH Series LED Display

Lemesh LED display is one of the outdoor LED display panels. Lemesh screens are all weatherproof. Moreover, the Lemesh series outdoor screens are ultra convenient and have Front & Rear Servicing. The impact on the building is minimized. The installation of the product has little impact on the natural lighting and viewing requirements of the interior of the building.

Features of LEMESH LED Display

The surface of a high-rise building, the roof.
Large area installation, long viewing distance.

Curvable Design

LS15-31 applies for exterior walls of buildings,
landscapes, stadiums, bulletin boards & etc.

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Lemesh Specifications

Item LS15-31   LS31  Unit
Technical Parameter
  LED Type DIP346
  Pixel Pitch V:15.625 H:31.25 31.25 mm
  LED density 2048 1024 Dots/SQM
  Cabinet resolution 16x64 16x32 Pixel
  Scans static static
  Brightness 8000 nits
  Refresh Rate 3840 Hz
 Contrast Ratio 8000:1
 Color Temperature 7500 K
  Color Gray Scale 14bit level
  Power Consumption (Max./Avg.) 390/130 W/sq.m
  Viewing Angle (H/V) 120/55  deg.
  Voltage AC200~240 V(50-63Hz)
Panel Parameter
  Panel Dimensions (WxHxD) 500X1000X96 mm
  Panel Weight 18 17 kg/m²
  Transparent rate 66% 66%
  Module Dimensions 250x500 mm
  Panel Material die-casting aluminum   -- 
  Operating Temperature -30 to 60℃   ℃ 
  Operating Humidity 10%~95% RH
  Module Maintenance Front and Rear
  PSU & Others Maintenance Front and Rear
  IP rating(Front & Raer) IP65/IP54
  Certificate   EMC Class B

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