VFO Outdoor HD Small Pitch LED Screen

Leyard Vteam VFO Series is a new generation of outdoor high-end small-pitch HD screen. The 4K LED screen adopts all-in-one high-strength frame design, high-precision seamless splicing cabinet, excellent color uniformity and ultra-high image contrast to realize subversive visual innovation.

VFO Series 4K LED display panel adopts a new common-cathode drive, which has lower power consumption, lower heat generation, longer service life, front/rear maintenance features, etc. It’s widely used in high-end retail, shopping malls, outdoor traffic advertising, experience events, high-end hotels and other occasions.

Features of VFO LED Display Series


A new generation of outdoor high-end small pitch series
HD makes life more exciting

Integrated high-strength frame design

The integrated high-strength frame design ensures the processing and use accuracy, and not easy to deform. The loading ability exceeds the 10 times than the safety factor of Europe Strandard.

90° right-angle stitching, deducing corner art

The perfect right-angle splicing feature can be used for a variety of special-shaped splicing, easily creating a corner effect and a sense of space.

Ultra-high protection | IP66 waterproof structure design

The module adopts a fully sealed side waterproof structure, and is specially equipped with waterproof module wire, with a protection level of IP66, superior waterproof and dustproof performance, and no fear of thunderstorms

Power dual backup design, stable and reliable

Using dual power supply backup technology to provide stable power supply for continuous use, so that the screen can run stably and lastingly.

Excellent performance, common cathode LED drive technology

The common cathode LED driving method can accurately control the voltage. While reducing the heat generation,it effectively reduces the power consumption and the probability of LED damage, and improves the average life of the LED.

HD picture seamless splicing

Achieve seamless splicing of FHD/4K/8K display images in any direction, point-to-point restoration of high-definition, no sense of fragmentation, no ripple, no flicker.

Show Details

Wide viewing angle, no blind spots

Ultra-wide viewing angle of 160 ° vertical and horizontal level
No color cast, no dead ends, no modularity when viewed from all directions.

Complete front and rear maintenance, efficient and fast

No matter from the front or back of the screen, all parts of the product can be maintained simply and quickly. Meet more usage scenarios; improve installation and maintenance speed; save labor and reduce installation and maintenance costs

LED Screen Gallery

Eco Series Specifications

Part Number VFO series (common cathode) VFO series (common cathode) VFO series (common anode) VFO series (common anode) VFO series (common anode)
Pixel Pitch 2.6mm 2.97mm 2.6mm 2.97mm 3.91mm
LED Configuration SMD1415 SMD1415 SMD1415 SMD1415 SMD1921
Pixel Density 147456dot/m2 112896dot/m2 147456dot/m2 112896dot/m2 65536dot/m2
Module Size 250x250mm
Module Resolution 96x96dot 84x84dot 96x96dot 84x84dot 64x64dot
Cabinet Size 500x500x77mm
Cabinet Resolution 192x192dot 168x168dot 192x192dot 168x168dot 128x128dot
Cabinet Weight Aluminum alloy: 12.5kg /Panel Aluminum alloy: 11.5kg /Panel
IP Rating ( front/back) IP67 IP65
Brightness 5000~5500CD/m2 5000~5500CD/m2 5000CD/m2 5000CD/m2 5000CD/m2

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