Zebra Programmable LED Curtain

Leyard Vteam Display·LED curtain screen has the characteristics of the strip, hollow, penetrating light, not affecting ventilation and lighting, etc. It is usually used for building exterior walls and landmark buildings. It is suitable for building a super-large outdoor display screen and is the first choice for creating a landmark dynamic display landscape. The curtain screen consists of two series, Zebra SMD series and Zebra DIP series, which are widely used in the setting of building curtain walls, building roofs and outdoor advertisements, etc.

Pixel Pitch:

·Zebra SMD: P6.25/12.5, P10.4/12.5, P12.5, P15.6 ,P20, P25, P31.25

·Zebra DIP: P15.6, P16.66, P15.6/25 ,P20, P25, P31.25, P50

Features of ZEBRA LED Display Series

Neat And Picturesque, Super Light And Thin

1/3 of the traditional screen, light weight, saving transportation costs, the installation of steel structure, and installation labor

Super Transparecy | 55% Permeability

The transparent LED curtain adopt hollow-carved design to ensure natural lighting of buildings, farewell to "dark display" time.

Complete Waterproof For Outdoor Application

Integrated glue process design,military-grade IP65 full protection, easy to deal with bad weather of rain and fog, strong wind resistance, higher safety.

Adapt To Harsh Environment

With high-reliability design, it can operate stably in the severe cold temperature down to-40 Celsius and the hot environment up to 50 celsius

Accurate Color Management System

Adopt an accurate color management system. After the LED control system decodes the video, add a secondary filtering display algorithm to perform point-by-point 16-bit color correction for each light-emitting the diode of the display screen

Intelligent Power Consumption Control

The conventional screen needs to be equipped with an independent air-conditioning heat dissipation system, which has high operating costs. The curtain screen is so transparent and self-cool that it saves operating costs.

Easy To Maintain

Patented structure design 3 minutes/sqm easy to achieve fast front/back maintenance by a single person Simple installation and disassembly

LED Screen Gallery

ZEBRA Series Specifications

Zebra Panel Specification
Part Number Zebra SMD-6.25/12.5 Zebra SMD-10.41/12.5 Zebra SMD-12.5 Zebra SMD-15.625 Zebra SMD-20 Zebra SMD-25 Zebra SMD-31.25 Zebra DIP-15.625 Zebra DIP-15.625 Zebra DIP-16.66 Zebra DIP-25/15.625 Zebra DIP-20 Zebra DIP-25 Zebra DIP-50/25 Zebra DIP-31.25 Zebra DIP-50
Pixel Pitch (H/V) 6.25mm-12.5mm 10.41mm-12.5mm 12.5mm 15.625mm 20mm 25mm 31.25mm 15.625mm 15.625mm 16.66mm 25-15.625mm 20mm 25mm 50-25mm 31.25mm 50mm
LED Configuration 1*SMD2727 1*SMD2727 1*SMD2727 1*SMD2727 1*SMD2727 2*SMD3535 2*SMD3535 RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB 2R2G2B
Brightness 1000~6000cd/m2 1000~6000cd/m2 1000~6000cd/m2 1000~6000cd/m2 1000~6000cd/m2 1000~7000cd/m2 1000~7000cd/m2 7000cd/m2 13000cd/m2 13000cd/m2 7000cd/m2 7000cd/m2 7000cd/m2 7000cd/m2 7000cd/m2 7000cd/m2
Pixel Density 12800dot/m2 7680dot/m2 6400dot/m2 4096dot/m2 2500dot/m2 1600dot/m2 1024dot/m2 4096dot/m2 4096dot/m2 3600dot/m2 2560dot/m2 2500dot/m2 1600dot/m2 800dot/m2 1024dot/m2 400dot/m2
Transparency 36% 36% 36% 48% 60% 50% 60% 30% 20% 20% 50% 52% 62% 75% 70% 75%
Cabinet Size 1000*500*76mm 1000*500*76mm 1000*500*76mm 1000*1000*82mm 1000*1000*82mm 1000*1000*82mm 1000*1000*82mm 1000*1000*98mm 500*1000*98mm 500*1000*98mm 1000*1000*88mm 1000*1000*98mm 1000*1000*88mm 1000*1000*80mm 1000*1000*88mm 1000*1000*88mm
Cabinet Resolution 160*40dot 96*40dot 80*40dot 64*64dot 50*50dot 40*40dot 32*32dot 64*64dot 32*64dot 30*60dot 40*64dot 50*50dot 40*40dot 20*40dot 32*32dot 20*20dot
Module Size 1000*25mm 1000*25mm 1000*25mm 1000*23.625mm 1000*28mm 1000*12.5mm 1000*12.5mm 1000*26.625mm 1000*60mm 1000*50mm 1000*11mm 1000*32.5mm 1000*9.5mm 1000*9.5mm 1000*9.5mm 1000*12.5mm
Module Resolution 160*2dot 96*2dot 80*2dot 64*2dot 50*2dot 40*1dot 32*1dot 64*2dot 64*4dot 60*3dot 1*64dot 50*2dot 40*1dot 1*40dot 32*1dot 20*1dot
Cabinet Weight ≤17Kg/m2 ≤17Kg/m2 ≤17Kg/m2 ≤14Kg/m2 ≤14Kg/m2 ≤14Kg/m2 ≤13Kg/m2 ≤23Kg/m2 ≤21Kg/m2 ≤19Kg/m2 ≤17.5Kg/m2 ≤19Kg/m2 ≤14Kg/m2 ≤11Kg/m2 ≤16Kg/m2 ≤10Kg/m2
IP Rating ( front/back) IP65 IP65

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